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The Ukrainian Association for American Studies

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The Ukrainian Association for American Studies - a non-governmental (NGO), nonprofit organization.  Our  mission - to promote development of more engaged and multi-dimensional relations between Ukraine and the United States of America, Canada and countries of the Americas as a whole at different levels: informational, academic, social, political, cultural and others. We are convinced that the institutional and bureaucratic way of interaction with the world in very dynamic international environment cannot be efficient and flexible for the country and society. Global competitiveness of Ukraine largely depends on the community initiatives aiming to cherish the appropriate values. Nowadays the people-to-people social contacts among the intellectual, business, cultural elites should play more crucial role and the UAAS is one of the platform for these communications.

We believe that Ukraine is able to withstand the political, economic and military-strategic challenges and competition only in interaction with the outside world. The United States, Canada and the great number of other countries in the Americas have become key Associates by supporting Ukrainian sovereign statehood. An engagement of Ukraine in global processes, its dynamic presence there are the crucial factors of security. Despite the geographical distance, the countries of the Americas have become not only a substantial factor of political survival, but also to a source of economic development for Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Association For American Studies - an open community of members that is characterized by a flexible structure, freedom of belief, and wide dissemination of information where all those who is seeking a quality, creative and effective content of American-Ukrainian relations. We suppose that the proper educational and information activities should be implemented for these purposes.

Ukrainian Association for American Studies is a Member of the Public Council with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The Association has launched and kept on developing the following projects:

-   Specialization "American Studies" at the History Department of the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv;

-   Academic journal “American History & Politics”;

-   Annual American History contest of high-school students;

-    Annual Conference on the USA, Canada and other countries of Americas historical and current issues as well as Ukrainian-American relations etc.  

The Association empowers compilation of analytical materials, organization and support of cultural and educational projects, international conferences, roundtables, scientific and practical seminars and summer schools. The UAAS experts follow up and submit to government agencies, the media, educational institutions their assessments, evaluations, appraisals in various fields: politics, economics, law etc.

Our core intellectual values are:

Activity – Expertise – Mutual Development

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