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Orest Deychakiwsky



"Not providing desperately needed assistance to Ukraine would be a radical departure from Congress’ historical bipartisan support for Ukraine’s freedom. And the stakes have never been higher – for Ukraine, for the United States, and for European and global security."...

..."As I write this, Mr. Johnson – under pressure from his MAGA isolationist wing, and with the anti-Ukraine-aid Trump lurking ominously in the background – refuses to put the aid package up for a floor vote. Such a vote would have a high likelihood of success, enjoying support from nearly every Democrat and a substantial number of Republicans.

But there are countervailing pressures to those opposing assistance, including from pro-Ukraine House Republicans. Alternatives are being actively discussed, including compromise legislation with reduced aid (in Ukraine’s case, $48 billion vs. $60 billion), but that includes border security language. Also being discussed as a “nuclear option” is a discharge petition, a rarely used procedural gambit to force a floor vote.

I do not envy the speaker from a political perspective, but here is his chance to do the right thing – to be a real statesman, a true leader."

..."If you have not already made it your practice to make your voice heard with your Representative in Congress, please do not hesitate to do so. Your message, either via phone or email, should be short and sweet – simply urging them to support aid for Ukraine is sufficient. Even if your House member has a solid track record of support, it never hurts to thank them and encourage further support. It’s a form of reinforcement, of letting them know that, as a constituent, you have their back.

..."Having been involved in policy advocacy both in and out of government for half a century, I’ve found that all too often people think that their voice doesn’t matter. It does. Every little bit helps. It’s not enough just to write comments on email chains or on social media or to think someone else will do it so you do not need to. It’s not enough to just wish or pray that Ukraine obtains this desperately needed funding. In fact, think of advocacy on behalf of Ukraine fighting for its freedom and very existence against a brutal, evil aggressor, as a noble form of prayer and a way to practice what we preach."